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At The Good Studio, we know that design won't solve all your problems; however, research, strategy and experience, matched with great design can solve a lot of them. Our team is made up of young, talented designers and strategists who empower businesses through visual and web design.

We work with clients at all stages of business from start-ups and personal brands, right through to large corporations, not-for-profits and long-established companies. In an ever-changing marketplace, you need someone who understands the importance of branding and design and why 'your brand is not a logo'.

Strategy led Design.

The Good Studio will stand by your side as your creative partners and as an integral part of your business. Our purpose is to help you achieve yours.

Great design, whether its branding or web, should be thoughtfully and strategically developed. We work with key stakeholders in your business, getting to the depths of the who, what and why. We go deep into your pain points, target market, competitors, market trends and future growth. Our strategic method means that your message will be delivered accurately through visual design. This approach creates that 'gut feeling', the feeling that is going to connect your brand with your customers.

The Good Studio stand by your side as your creative partners; as an integral part of your business. It is our purpose to help you achieve yours.

Our approach.

Design isn't a tangible asset; it's not something that you can touch or feel. It is sometimes hard for businesses to invest in their brand because of this. However, web and brand design executed correctly add immense value to your business. Your brand is more than your logo or images on a screen.

Your brand is that gut feeling; the feeling people get when they know that they need to be a part of what you’ve created. Your brand goes deeper than your visuals or website; it is ingrained in everything you do. From your office fit-out to your customer service—your brand is everything! We work with you to create the ‘whole brand’ from the inside out. We will also provide you with referrals to industry specialists who can add value to your business in areas that may not be our expertise. 

At the Good Studio we want your business to succeed and aim to give you the tools and best possible assistance to achieve this. 

Our Creative Team

Joel Harris

Creative Director

Shawnee Collier

Account Management

Candice Jones

Junior Designer

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