What is a Style Guide? And do I need one?

A Style Guide is a document that shows you how to communicate your brand in both a visual and non visual space. It’s purpose is to keep the consistency of the brand and messaging with all departments from the marketing team through to design and everyone in between.

A Style Guide is integral in ensuring your brand is consistent through all your customer touchpoints. A lack of consistency conveys a lack of understanding, which can make your customers feel that your business doesn’t understand their values or who they are, which doesn’t instill a sense of credibility or trust. This can cause your business to lose potential customers and ultimately deter people away from your brand.  

Your Style Guide should be broken down into two distinct sections: Visual Elements & Editorial Guides. 

Visual elements make up your brand identity. This section shouldn’t just include your logo and colour palettes, it should also have elements such as imagery, typography, layout design guides and the overall look and feel of the brand. This section of the Style Guide is very important to allow for instant recognition of your brand from print advertising through to the look and feel of your website and digital marketing. 

Editorial guides showcase the rules around your brand voice, such as the tone grammar, spelling and sometimes even tense. The importance of this section is to document how the brand speaks to their audience and therefore, how they are perceived in the market. Inconsistent use of tone and grammar within your marketing, again will lead to a sense of disconnect within your brand and ultimately between your brand and customers. 

We recommend implementing both the visual Style Guide and Editorial Style within your business and across all brand touchpoints. Consistency creates confidence!