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When someone approaches The Good Studio with a product that’s not only innovative but does good for the planet, our decision to work with that person is a no brainer. This was the case with Dr Rob and his “Tooth Chews” product. While not necessarily a ‘new’ product on the market, there has been no product such as this specifically developed by a dentist to ensure it’s not just great for the environment, but actually promotes excellent dental health.

Armed with an idea, Dr Rob was unsure of where to even begin. This project involved The Good Studio working with, not only Rob but his team of investors. Together, we helped the entire Chews team to develop a sales, marketing, social, brand and website strategy to be all-encompassing with his new business venture. In-depth strategy sessions were crucial to the success of this new product launch, along with clear lines of communication open at all times and the Chews team trust in The Good Studio’s expertise.

Chews have successfully launched as an E-Commerce product through their bespoke, Good Studio built, website. They are currently in review for in-store purchase through different vendors throughout Australia and have also been featured on The Block!

The final product:

  • Brand strategy
  • Website strategy
  • Marketing and social strategy
  • Art direction and photography
  • Custom E-Commerce website
  • Logo Development
  • Marketing Martial
  • Custom Packaging Design
  • Social development

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