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At The Good Studio, we’re passionate about coffee; it’s one of our creative sources, after all! After moving back from Melbourne and mastering the fine art making an incredible brew, Jack and Alicia saw an opportunity to bring a part of the Melbourne coffee scene back to their home town. The couple purchased an existing coffee store and required a re-brand to make it their own. Wanting more than just a cool place to enjoy a good coffee, the Small Change team wanted their work to create an impact, and so a focus of sustainability was a bit part of their business model. Working with our creative team, we developed their name, tag line and strategy factoring in all of their passions. This family-owned business is now one of the places to enjoy a cup of liquid gold on the Sunshine Coast.


Joel and Shawnee did such an amazing job of bringing our brand to life. Being our first business, we were guided through all facets of establishing a brand. We were stoked with the outcome and definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great creative team.

Jack Roffey- Small Change Espresso

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